Our students prepare to become Waldorf Teachers by deepening their understanding of Waldorf Pedagogy and Anthroposophy. While many of our students have the professional goal of becoming teachers, the program is also suitable for those seeking personal development.

An in-depth study of Rudolf Steiner’s works and the arts is an essential part of the training, through which students are better able to understand human development, the Waldorf Curriculum, oneself and the times in which we live.

Classes run from September to May, meeting Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Each year begins with a two-week Summer Intensive in June from 8:30am to 3:30pm. An observation in a Waldorf classroom is done during the first year. In the following years each student is required to complete a three-week practicum in a Waldorf School.

List of Courses

Year I: Theosophy, Form Drawing, Teaching Reading, Temperaments, painting, Eurythmy, Clay Model, Spacial Dynamics, Biography, Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Storytelling, Fairy Tales, Legends, Myths, History, Festivals, Art History, Music, Projective Geometry, Drawing, Math, Anhroposophical Medicine, Speech.

Year II: Philosophy of Intuitive Thinking, Drawing, Painting, Spacial Dynamics, Modeling, Child Development (0-7 Years), Discipline, The Main Lesson, Child, Teacher and Community, Student Teaching, Math, Woodwork, Parzival, Life of Rudolf Steiner, Mission of America, Kindergarten, Music, Speech, Anthroposophical Medicine, The Child Birth – 7 years.

Year III: Study of Man, Eurythmy, Drama, Teaching Grades 1-8, The Four Kingdoms of Nature, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Geography, Astronomy, Music, Speech, Woodworking, Faust, Puberty, Child Development (7-14 Years), Spacial Dynamics, Student Teaching, Physiology, Anthroposophical Medicine, The Child 7-14 Years, Beeswax Modelling, Eurythmy, Blackboard Drawing.

Year IV: Child Development (14-18 Years), Painting, Storytelling, Spacial Dynamics, Drama, Final Projects, High School Curriculum, Music, Handwork, Drawing, Threefold Social Organism, Speech, Student Teaching, Waldorf Education for Adolescence, The School Farm, Anthroposophical Medicine (14-18 Years).