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Don Travels To Mexico

CER Director Don Basmajian was invited by Nora Heredia and AWSNA, The Association Of Waldorf Schools in North America, to lead a conference for Waldorf Teachers in Mexico on “Working With Teenagers

“It is always winter here and never Christmas!”

“She isn’t a real queen at all,” answered Lucy, “She’s a horrible witch, the white witch. Everyone – all the wood people – hate her.

Notes on Teaching Pi     Grade: 7th Grade     Subject: Math

Rational Numbers are fractions with whole numbers for numerators & denominators. If you divide the numerator by the denominator, your answer will be a repeating decimal or just end.

Divisibility Rules     Grade: 7th Grade     Subject: Math


The number is divisible by…

2: If the last digit is even.
5: If the last digit is 5 or 0.
10: If the last digit is 0.

Teaching Verbs: The Three Moods     Grade: 6th Grade     Subject: Language Arts

The word “mood” comes from the Latin “modus” which means the way or the method. It is the method of conceiving or expressing verbs/actions in different ways or the being of a subject.

Introducing Binary     Grade: 8th Grade     Subject: Math

From Steiner Education Magazine Vol. 33 #1

To introduce Binary Logic in rhythmic part of lesson use the finger counting method of the Chinese. Each finger has its own value.

Comparing Adjectives and Adverbs     Grade: 5th Grade     Subject: Language Arts

To wonder at beauty…….

Fractions Recitations     Grade: 4th Grade     Subject: Math

Svinn and Svenn, two Viking Men
Cut the whole. They’re Fraction Friends.
One-half, one-quarter and one-eighth,
One-third, one-sixth; there is no waste.

Time Recitation and Game     Grade: 3rd Grade     Subject: Teaching Time

Father Time:
Just a minute. I never wait!
I’m always moving and never late.
A second, a minute, a year and a day;
I’m old Father Time. Come with me and play.

The Construction Zone     Grade: 3rd Grade     Subject: Language Arts

We are the workers, who will build you a home.
You’ll need a hardhat in the construction zone.
We each have a job that will punctuate