Waldorf Teacher Training

Waldorf Teacher Training in Sonoma County, California


The Waldorf Teacher Training at Center for Educational Renewal prepares students to become Waldorf Teachers at the kindergarten, elementary, and high school levels. Special emphasis is given to the transformation of the Self through the study of Anthroposophy, art, and community building.

Center for Educational Renewal opened its Waldorf Teacher Training program in 1990. The Training is hosted on the beautiful, 40-acre campus of Summerfield Waldorf School Farm in Santa Rosa, California.

Video: Students Introduce the Training


Our training is currently fully enrolled and we are not accepting applications. Our next course begins June, 2018, and applications will be accepted beginning in fall of 2017.


Our students prepare to become Waldorf Teachers by deepening their understanding of Waldorf Pedagogy and Anthroposophy. While many of our students have the professional goal of becoming teachers, the program is also suitable for those seeking personal development.

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